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Eudald Massana

Biodynamic Adventure

Biodynamic Adventure

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Biodynamic adventure - Wine tourism

Immersion in the world of biodynamic viticulture.

Welcome to the winery and presentation of the history of the Massana family, we will discover the origin of the biodynamic philosophy and since when it has been working on the estate of Eudald Massana Winery.

We will walk through the vineyards where we will learn about the vegetative cycle of the vineyard, and the work and biodynamic treatments that are carried out at each time of the year. Returning to the winery, we will learn about the uses of medicinal plants and other materials for the biodynamic treatment of the vineyard; when and why cow horns are used among others, and we will learn guidelines for understanding and interpreting the lunar calendar. We will finish with a guided tasting of four organic and biodynamic wines and/or sparkling wines in the garden of the manor house.

Duration: 2h - 2:30h

Price: €60/person

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